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Oct 21, 2016

Jessie Newburn is a Gen Xer who has embraced the gig economy! Sometimes it seems like all eyes are on millenials and baby boomers, but Jessie and I bring the conversation back to what it was like coming of age for those of us born in the 60s.

Jessie shares stories about living a gig economy life, the themes of community that her home, Columbia, MD were built on, and some of her most memorable Uber passengers. She gives us a glimpse into the Burning Man Festival, which she attends each year. The festival is a 9-day gathering of 70,000+ people in the Black Rock Desert in Nevada.

For this discussion's purposes, I'll define the gig economy as "making a living through a series of jobs or through multiple on-going gigs. Some might be for a corporation, and some might be as an entrepreneur. In Jessie's case, she's got five or six income generating activities that include driving for Uber and sharing her experiences with the world through her e-book, The Uber Chronicles.

You can find Jessie's e-book on Amazon.  The Uber Chronicles

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