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Guests from diverse backgrounds share stories of navigating life’s twists and turns and coming out on top! Optimism, persistence, infectious energy and a drive for continuous improvement shine through in each candid conversation.  

Lisa’s guests are entrepreneurs, authors, community-builders, doctors, life coaches, Pilates instructors, TED speakers, women farmers, Congresswomen, moms and dads, and so much more!

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Jun 24, 2016

Marsha Shandur (aka Yes Yes Marsha) has the gift of making people laugh while sharing really insightful lessons. Throughout our discussion, she offers amazing ideas for communicating effectively, practices for staying positive, and lessons from the near-death experience of her great aunt...all through stories.

Marsha is a professional storytelling coach and she attributes her storytelling talents to growing up in a large, close-knit Russian family that communicates through highly-detailed stories. She runs an event called True Stories Told Live Toronto, and works with corporations to help humanize leaders. And, she is the official storytelling coach for World Domination Summit (do-gooders descending on Portland).

Learn more about Marsha by checking out the web page she set up for Ever Better listeners at

Listen to the podcast to hear Marsha discuss:


- Why you should email 25 people and ask them to name your top qualities

- How she became known as Yes Yes Marsha

- Marie Folio's B-School

- Tips to improve social skills

- Teaching people to share their "why" through their personal stories

- Transitioning from DJ to storytelling coach

- Memory scavengering

- True Stories Told Live Toronto

- How our brains respond to stories when we're in the room with the storyteller

- Volunteering at a day center for seniors with dementia

- The benefits of spending time with seniors and children

- Growing up in a multi-generational family

- Denise B. Scott's work finding volunteer jobs for nursing home residents

- Favorite quotes from her granny

    "If they're that close, they're looking in your eyes"

   "You should only get married if you absolutely       cannot."

"We own our things; they don't own us."

- Staying positive through: A gratitude practice; Prayer; Sending thank you cards

- Storytelling tips: Include detail that helps someone to experience what you experienced. Don’t have too many extraneous characters.

- The near-death experience of Marsha's great-aunt. All the times she wasn't nice to people flashed in front of her eyes.


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