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Inspiring, motivating discussions on getting #EverBetter every day with people who live extraordinary lives.

Guests from diverse backgrounds share stories of navigating life’s twists and turns and coming out on top! Optimism, persistence, infectious energy and a drive for continuous improvement shine through in each candid conversation.  

Lisa’s guests are entrepreneurs, authors, community-builders, doctors, life coaches, Pilates instructors, TED speakers, women farmers, Congresswomen, moms and dads, and so much more!

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Jul 29, 2016

Dave Conley is an integrated business coach who helps clients to ignite their ideas! This can involve starting a company, advancing an idea or pursuing a personal goal. 

He’s been on an incredible entrepreneurial and personal journey and in this discussion shares ideas and lessons that he has put into practice and that you may want to try for yourself! 


Dave lives a “flipped model,” first concentrating on living a mindful life, knowing that success in his business and personal life will follow.


After his wife passed way five years ago, Dave began to concentrate on getting healthy. He changed his diet and exercise habits and lost 150 pounds. He says that he’s half the man he used to be! Dave also became selective about how he spends his time and was determined to not be glued to the T.V.


Dave hopes that people won’t wait for a tragedy to occur before they begin to live with greater purpose. 


Dave’s resume includes being one of AOL’s first project managers where he helped 32 million people get on the Internet. He also held an executive position with the Patent and Trademark Office, and he’s built his own start-ups and mentored dozens of entrepreneurs. And now, as a startup coach, he loves to help mission-driven entrepreneurs assess their ideas to determine if there is a market fit. Learn more about his services at


Listen to the podcast to hear Dave discussing how he’s learned to blend work and personal time so that he can suck the marrow out of life! 

What you’ll hear in this episode:


  • The importance of mindfulness practice

  • The Flipped Model=A Changed Focus

  • Do meaningful, magical work

  • Dave’s daily practices, which starts with a liter of water!

  • A co-working space: What it is and how it works
  • A pivotal moment: Losing his wife suddenly 5 years ago

  • Hitting the giant reset button

  • How Dave lost 150 lbs.!

  • Dave’s eating habits (NO white foods!)

  • How Dave started 7 companies in 2 years!

  • Working with mission-driven companies like

  • Product-market fit


  • Patent trolls

  • Dave's first job at AOL (“You’ve got mail!”)

  • How Camp Good Life Project changed everything

  • A favorite quote: From Alice in Wonderland—“If you don’t know where you’re going, then every path’s a way.”

  • Dave's father, who lived a life with no regrets




Email Dave: (But, ironically, Dave HATES email! He would rather you call or text him at 703-999-8711.)


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